Are you looking for people who viewed you Instagram video? Then you have visited the right website. We are going to reveal how you can get the detail report on who viewed your Instagram  profile and video along with tons of details to target niche audience.

Why do you need to know Instagram Video Metrics?

For any Instagram influencer or company promoting their product one thing which is must is the growth hack of their promotion method. As Instagram relies on Picture and video sharing promoting method, you should be 100% sure about all the insight of the promotion method.


who viewed your instagram video


But unfortunately, you cannot get full detail information on Instagram Video from the Instagram apps. You have to find a solution where you can check the growth hack of your Instagram video.

You can only check video views or count at present in the Instagram application. You need to get information such as no of followers, who view my Instagram video, who left the video halfway, which is the great time to publish my video etc.

For all these questions you can rely on third-party apps which will give you accurate information on your Instagram video.


Third party Apps

You can use third party apps which will come handy when you want detail information on these question.

Who Viewed my Instagram Video?

Who left Instagram video middle way?

Who interaction with my Instagram Video?

Who Share my Instagram Video?

Detail visitor count for the length of my video?

What is the growth rate of my Instagram Video?

Who Viewed My Instagram Videos APK

If you are wondering which application or app can have all the detail information on these question, then you should check out “Who Viewed My Instagram Video Apk.”

This Apk is not available on the Apple store or Google Play store. You need to download it from an official website, or you can download it from our website.

APK name: Who Viewed My Instagram Video

Developer name: Weirdly Social

Latest Version: 3.06

Publish Date: 01-Aug-2018

File Size: 2.8 MB

SHA256: 1bdff05fe7ce5282b422bc22f54de09d009af16d13bc6882beb947ac8e4af1a7


A feature of Who Viewed My Instagram Video Apk


  • Get information on your Instagram Video views
  • Get information on your Video Visitors
  • Get information on your Instagram Stalkers
  • Get information on Who Viewed you Instagram Videos
  • Get information on who left your Instagram Video halfway
  • Get information on detail visitor count on the length on Instagram Video
  • Get information on who share you Instagram Video
  • Get full Insight of Growth rate of your Instagram video
  • Get information on Time when you have maximum views on your Video
  • Get information on new Followers added using this video
  • Get Information on followers who repeatedly view your video


  • Some features are only for paid version

Total Guide on Video Metrics which you should follow for Instagram Video

As you all know, for any report on growth hack for Instagram Video, we consider using the Video Metrics. Video metrics are the framework on which most companies rely on to get good ROI (rate on investment).

You should consider using these parameters on you Instagram Videos to get detail result.

  • Video View count
  • Video Long view count (full length)
  • Play rate
  • Watch time (total watch time)
  • Video Completion ratio (total visitor complete video time)
  • Video engagement by visitors (share to another platform)
  • Video Click-through rate
  • Video Conversion rate (people going to offer page by clicking the video link)
  • Feedback from followers
  • No of Social share No of Followers
Final words

One of the major hinderance face by new Influencer or product launcher is how to get detail information on Who viewed my Instagram video. You can use a third-party application given on the website to get all that information about your Instagram Video. We hope you will find all your question answered in this article; we love to hear from you, write in the comment section if you have used this app for getting information on Instagram Video.