Looking for Toon Blast Best Strategies 2019?

Well, we have summarised Toon Blast best cheats which you can implement in 2019 to clear all levels.

Top Strategies of Toon Blast Game

  • You need to match only 03 similar color cube in the 3puzzle game board to get it eliminated
  • Toon Blast is a game of combinations which means you need to think 3steps ahead to solve any puzzle
  • Always remember the thumb rule “start from the bottom of the puzzle” to clear any levels
  • Always check how much moves left for you to complete any levels
  • Try to make combos to clear the Toon Blast level fast
  • You can also use game items such as Boosters to clear any difficulty level
  • You will get free star Chest when you reach level 15 in Toon Blast
  • You will be rewarded with stars when you keep on clearing your levels
  • When you reach 20 stars, you can exchange them for Star Chest
  • After you reach level 20 in Toon Blast game, you can join the team
  • Team-mates are great to help for providing extra lives
  • You can also buy different chest from Toon Blast store which contains Booster and other game goodies

Top Strategies of Booster, Combos, and Obstacles

Let’s stars some tips on these game items which can help you clear your difficulty levels.

Tips on Combos

  • Combos are special game items which can be made with matching five or more similar color cube.
  • There are three types of Combos in Toon Blast
    • Rocket
    • Bomb
    • Disco Ball
  • Rocket is a special type of combos which can be made with matching five cubes in Toon Blast
  • Rocket can clear one row or column, depending on its head position
  • You can check the head position as horizontal or vertical
  • Rocket is great level cleared when using with other combos
  • The bomb is a special type of combos which can be made with matching seven cubes in Toon Blast
  • You can destroy all eight cubes which are surrounded around the bomb combo
  • Bomb combo can be used with Rocket combo to create a greater effect.
  • Disco Ball Combo can be made by matching 09 similar cubes in Toon Blast
  • Disco ball is very difficult to get in any game and clear all similar color cube in the 3puzzle board
  • If you want to get great power, mix and match different combos for greater effect

Tips on Booster of Toon Blast

  • Booster in Toon Blast can be a useful tool to clear any difficulty level
  • You can purchase Booster in Toon Blast, or you can purchase Chest
  • You can find different game items in the different chest in Toon Blast
  • There are four types of Booster available in Toon Blast
    • Hammer
    • Boxing Glove
    • Dice
    • Anvil
  • Hammer can be used only once and can clear one cube of your choice
  • Boxing Glove can clear any row you decide to remove in the 3puzzle game
  • The Anvil is a special Booster which can clear one column
  • Dice is a special booster which can shuffle cubes present in the 3puzzle board

Tips on clearing Obstruction

  • You need to start clearing the 3puzzle board game from the bottom
  • Obstruction is difficult to deal with so use combos and booster to get any difficult levels
  • Ask your friends for extra lives which can help you in difficult levels in Toon Blast

Final Words

So, these are top Strategies which you can use in Toon Blast to get ahead of difficult levels.