Are you looking for Roblox Games for kids?

Games which are safe for the kids and which did not have violence or blood in it. As a parent, you should be very concern about your kids playing all the killing games which involve blood bath or games which will put fear in the hearts of the kids. You cannot always monitor what your kids are playing online, but at least you can guide them to play safe Roblox Game for kids.

So, here are some top games which are safe for kids to earn some free robux in  2019.

Top 4 Safe Roblox Games for Kids In 2019

These are the top 4 Safe Roblox Games for kids which you can permit for your Kids to play. As you all know, Roblox Games can be very crude and full of violence, it can also show blood spilling on the floor, So, we have carefully chosen those games which did not show any type of blood or violent activity. The top safe games are given below:

  1. Royale High
  2. Work at a Pizza Place
  3. Adopt Me
  4. Fashion Famous


  1. Royale High Roblox Game Review

One of the best fantasy games where you will be sent to Royale High which is famous for its High School activity for Fairies and Mermaids. You will be playing games as a Royale Fairies and will follow all the rules and regulation of Royale High School. Here you can do many fun-loving activities including spa, Shopping, and hotel, make new friends and chill out with them.

The currency of Royale High Roblox Game is Diamond, and you need to find them in and around the map, or you can purchase them with Robux.

There are many activities which are going in the Royale High School, one of them is Royale High Dance which starts at 8:00 PM and ends at 12:00 AM. You can take part in the Royale dance or order some snacks like free Cookies, Cake, Brownies or Marshmallows.

There are many upgradations of your Roblox Character like

  1. Wings
  2. Skirts
  3. Heels
  4. Crown
  5. Merman

You can also purchase these cool items for your characters

  1. Beds
  2. Vanities
  3. Bookshelves
  4. Pianos
  5. Radios


  1. Work at a Pizza Place

Do you want your kids to be responsible for how they should spend money then make them play this game? You will be relieved to know that this game is now attracting more than 26 million users per day, and all you must do is work and work. There is no job off, and you need to build your house and everything using the money you earn from doing different jobs at Pizza center.

There are presently four types of Jobs in Pizza Center, and they are as follow

  1. Pizza Delivery boy
  2. Pizza Cooking
  3. Pizza Cashier
  4. Pizza Suppliers

Or, if you are not comfortable with these jobs, you can build your house, gather friends and throw Pizza party and watch those hot Pizza gets deliver in front of your home. Out and out super game which will make your kids responsible and will teach them how to spend money in the real world.

  1. Adopt Me

One of the best role-playing games of Roblox is “Adopt Me” where you can choose to adopt any new babies, or you will become one and wait to get adopted by others. One of the fun-loving portions is to stay as a baby and get many things free and pampers yourself.

Occasionally, you can ask for ice-cream or other things to eat and whoever adopts you, will bound to give you that items which you have asked. It is a fun-loving activity, and you can check this cool game and allow your kids to play this game.

  1. Fashion Famous

So, if you want your kids to put that thinking hat for fashion, then they should allow playing this game. Fashion Famous Roblox Game is safe for kids as in this game; they will try to imitate Top model at the given period. After that, they will choose different custom according to the theme at that time of the event within the time frame.

When they finish choosing and customizing all the cosmetic to their character, they will vote for the top model present in the arena.

Fashion Famous is fun loving and full of activity, you can safely allow your kids to play this game.

Final words

These are the best four safe Roblox Game which you can allow for your kids to play in 2019.