One of the best game which has more than 64 million active players is Roblox. If you are looking for free Robux  without verification then, you have come to correct website. We have summarized 06 working method which will fetch your free Robux without getting your account ban. We recommend you to follow our full article to get the detail procedure of getting free Robux Game cards.


What is Roblox Game?

Roblox is MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) platform which can be played on any platform. Users can contribute to the game for development, and they can also design game items. David Baszucki was CEO and Co-founder of Roblox, and this game has more than 64 million monthly active players.

Can the user contribute to the game?

Yes, the user can create their games using a game engine, Roblox Studio. Game items such as house or environment can be developed using “bricks” which is the main component of the game. Lua is the main language by which users can manipulate the game environment and develop their own game.

How to earn money from Roblox?

Robux is the official game money of Roblox; you can earn it by many methods, we have extensively done research and found many legit ways by which you can earn Robux.

Method 1 # Buy Builder Club

If you are an avid player then you should consider buying Builder club, builder club can be brought according to your requirement and budget. Check all the benefit you will get when you buy builder club before buying. We recommend you to check builder club price which you can afford and should fit into your budget.

What is Builder Club in Roblox?

Roblox Builder club is the place where players buy and sell game items. You can sell your creation by making different game items. Builder Club works on barter system where players showcase their creation and wait for another player to barter his game items with yours. You can place Robux along with your game items to barter for other players items. Builder club is must if you want to showcase your creation to the world. This is the first step you should undertake if you want to earn Robux.

There are three types of Builder Club which you can check and buy, which are as follows

  • Classic Builder’s Club: it is the basic type builder club and has less benefit compared to the builder’s club. If you want just to check out what benefit you can receive in builder club, then you should opt for this club.

The benefit of Classic Builder’s Club:

  • It will cost you $5.95 Month and $57.95 Annually
  • You will receive R$15(Robux) game money per day as a gift
  • You will also receive R$100 as a one-time welcome bonus
  • Turbo Builder Club: it is the most popular builder club among Roblox game members. You can expect a bigger gift and returns than Classic Builder Club membership. Turbo Builder club is for those players who are already playing this game for some time, and now they want to contribute to the game and earn some money. You can always upgrade your membership anytime during the game.

The benefit of Turbo Builder’s Club:

roblox turbo builder clib


  • It will cost you $11.95 Monthly and $85.95 Yearly
  • You will receive R$35(Robux) per day as a gift
  • You will also receive R$100 as a one-time welcome bonus to builder club
  • Outrageous Builder’s Club: it is the most expensive builder club in Roblox game. This will allow you to earn maximum Robux in the game. Some of the benefits of Outrageous Builder club are as follows
    • It will cost you $19.95 Monthly and $129.95 Annually
    • You will receive R$60(Robux) per day as a gift
    • You will also receive R$100 (one time) sign in bonus

Method 2 # invest money in Starter Kit

You can invest money in starter kit which will give you a high bonus. The starter kit is used in many ways in the game; you should consider buying starter kit if you don’t have a budget problem. You should keep an eye on special bonus announcement with Starter kit during Christmas, new year or thanksgiving.

roblox starter kit for free robux

 The benefit of buying Starter Kit

  • You will receive a bonus when you buy any starter kit
  • You will receive a discount bonus if you purchase it on some special occasion
  • R$6000 (Robux) will cost you $49.95 (real money) will also give a bonus of R$1500.

Method 3 # Use Builder Club to get Free Robux

If you have purchase builder club, then you should consider selling your creation or game items which you will get during the quest. As we mentioned earlier, builder club works on the barter system, which means, you should get some fair deal in the bargain then only you choose to close the deal. Always looks for items which are collectibles and has Robux attach with it as a deal. You should check all the big players listed items to get the idea of how to sell items.

Method 4 # Sell Collectives

There are many groups which are involved actively in selling and buying items; you should join those groups to earn Robux. These groups are categorized under recruiting plaza, where you need to design new items such as weapon or cloth or other game items. You should always check for the latest design which are selling in those groups to get a fair idea of latest trends.  Here is the link which you can join and earn Robux

Method 5 # Get Free Robux from GPT

GPT stands for getting paid to and is referred to those websites which give you point when you perform some task on their websites. Task may involve filling our survey, watching videos, buying items using their affiliate links, giving our opinion on certain product sample or installing certain app or games and reaching a certain level in that game.

If you want to earn some quick Robux, then you should join them. All the points which you earn in the website can be converted into your desired cards such as Robux or iTunes or Amazon Gift cards. is the most trusted GPT website, which pays to the users on time. You should consider joining this website to earn some quick Robux. You can also get 10% commission when you refer your friends to this website.

Method 6 # Get Robux by taking part in the official survey

One a year, Roblox official team conducts a special survey to know the latest trends. You can participate in these surveys to earn R$1000 (Robux). Survey includes around 50 question which is very simple to answer; they are looking for latest trends and what you think ways or method to improve the game. After the survey gets completed, 25 winners are chosen from the participating members.

Final Words

Well, friends that it, we hope now you know how to get free Robux no human no survey. Follow our advice and get free Robux and enjoy the game.