So, we all love Xbox games, and if we tell you that you can have free Xbox one Game codes, then it will be a double bonanza. We all know that the Xbox game console is useless if you cannot go online, it only allows Xbox One Gold membership person to play online actively.

So, if you are looking for Xbox One Game Codes or Gold Membership, then you can try zotpad for once. We will provide all the necessary information required to get your Xbox One Game Code.

There are many legit ways by which you can get your Xbox One Game Codes some of them are time taking, and some need only 3 min waiting. Decide yourself which method you want to go with and up to what extent you need this subscription.

free Xbox one codes

We have done extensive online research and found out that almost 99% of the website which claims to give free did not deliver the require Xbox code. They all thrive on the putting user risk by make them complete some survey or make them install .exe files which has backdoor virus and malware which compromise their system.

Pros and cons of Free Xbox One Codes


  • Works online without any interruption
  • Works on all type of Browsers
  • Works on all types of Devices
  • 100% free from virus and other backdoor malware
  • Generate Xbox One Codes within 3 minutes
  • No Human verification or survey
  • Uses a proxy to connect so safeguard of your IP
  • 7862 Happy Customer till Date


  • Use One time only for one account in a day
  • Do not try to test this online Tool as it will create load on the server
  • The code is 100% working but if anytime it did not work, come again and generate another code and try it.
  • Some users complain that they get 3-month code very easily, but when they click on 12-month subscription, it shows server overload.

Note: There are complaints regarding user not getting 12-month Gold Subscription as serer shows overloading, we are constantly working on finding a solution to this problem as meanwhile you can use our one month and three-month subscription. 12-month can also be accessed by you all, as almost all user wants 12month Gold Subscription our server gets overload.

How to earn FreeĀ Xbox One Game Codes

  1. New Xbox account
  2. GPT website
  3. GPT Apps
  4. Giveaways with New Games
  5. Giveaways with new Xbox Consoles
  1. New Xbox Account

If you have never opened up an Xbox account or if you purchase new Xbox, then you will get this offer. You can safely get one-month free Gold membership if you provide a correct credential.

Steps you should take to get free one Month Gold Membership

  1. Log into your Microsoft account
  2. Now browse to the subscription page
  3. Click on the membership (Xbox one)
  4. Register now with your correct Credit Card
  5. Enter your billing address correctly
  6. Follow all the instruction online now
  7. Check your account now; you will be having One-month Gold membership free


  1. GPT Website

There are many GPT website which provides free Online Gift cards by which you can get your Xbox One Game Code. In this GPT website, you need to perform a small task to get points or coins which can be exchanged when accumulated. Some of the tasks which you need to perform in these websites are as follows

  • Completing small surveys
  • Installing software in your PC
  • Watching video ads
  • Giving views on certain products
  • Purchasing small product using their affiliate links
  1. GPT Apps

These are similar to the GPT website, and you need to perform a small task to earn points which later can be redeemed later with online gift cards or Xbox one Game Code.

Some of the tasks which you need to perform on these GPT apps are as follows

  • Watch video ads on your Smartphone
  • Install apps on your Smartphone
  • Install Games on your Smartphone
  • Play Games and reach a certain level in your Smartphone
  • Purchase any small apps in your Smartphone
  • Complete small survey
  1. Giveaway with new Games

Whenever you purchase any game, just browse online for all the online stores and try to find out free Xbox subscription with the games. You will be surprised when you know that many online stores give your best deal or offer when you buy through them. You will also find Xbox Gold Memsahib free with these offers or gift cards which you can redeem later.

So, keep on hunting those games which you need to play and check online for best deals which will fetch you free Xbox One Free Code.

  1. Giveaways with new Xbox Consoles

Whenever there is Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, you will find many online stores or portals will give you offers like Free Xbox Gold membership free with new Xbox consoles. These are the changes which you need to avail and get free Xbox One Game code free.

Final thought

So, here is the legit method by which you can get Xbox one Game code free.