Are you struck at Last day on Earth Survival game and looked for some quick Last day On Earth mod apk to go ahead? Well, here we are with all the tips and tips you need to clear your Last Day on Earth Survival.

Last Day on Earth survival has been voted as “Most Innovative Game of 2017” and boast of more than 25 Million installs worldwide. This game has only one unique feature, which is to survive by hook or by crook. You need to kill zombies and maintain your health in zombie infested land.

last day on earth tips and cheats


Last Day on Earth Survival did not give any guidance or any story to follow; it will never give you hint at what to do next. You have to follow your instinct and act accordingly. You need to survive the first three days, to enjoy the game.

Always remember, there are many dangers other than zombie which are lurking around the corner and waiting for there chances. You need to be very careful and should always carry a weapon with you to combat those situations.

So, here are our 10 tips to play Last Day on Earth survival:

Tip 1 # Get Starter Pack under the crash car

Whenever you are starting the game, you are without any equipment and any weapon or food. The first thing you should look for some items is under the crash car. It will provide you the basic survival items which you will need to survive for the day. You need to use these starter pack to survive for the day.

You need to gather and kill all zombies present in your area on the first day. You have to look for wild animals which may cause you death on the very first day.

Tip 2 # Visit the crash aircraft

You need to visit the crash aircraft on the first day to get water bottles and other important items. Do not miss this opportunity to get gun, protective items and other things which will help you in the game. Whenever you visit the crash site, always take some berries in your pocket, it will help you in the quenching the thirst and hunger. Always take bag pack with you when you visit crash aircraft site.

Note: we recommend you to visit crash aircraft site two times within the stipulated period to get everything present there on the site.

Tip 3 # Build House and box within the first day

If you want to survive last day on earth, then you need to build a house. You can make 3×3 or 4×4 house depending on the pine logs you have collected. House is the last line of defense which can save your valuable items from other players. It will also help you in defending yourself from wild animals and zombies.

Tip 4 # Where to find water in last Day on earth: survival

how to find water in last day oo earth


Every player nightmare in last day on earth survival game is to find water. Almost all new player dies of water in Last day on earth survival game in his early days. You are given every day 03 bottle of water in your inbox message. Follow these steps to get three bottles of water every day:

  • Click on the Gold icon present on your Game dashboard.
  • Click on the inbox icon present there
  • Now check message, there will be three bottles of water, click on the message and take it
  • Open your inventory, and your water will be present there
  • Select water bottle and click on use
  • Do not throw the used bottle; it will be used to fill it again from rain catcher.

Tip 5 # Start Crafting basic items

You need to craft basic items like hatchet and pickaxe to cut woods and limestones. These items will be used in making all items like house and other items for the game. You have to craft basic items to survive the first few days in last day on earth survival.

Tip 6 # Go outside world for resources

You have to venture outside of your area for resources, just go to green patch showing in your area, and you will be greeted with a new game screen showing an outer map of the game. You can find many areas with green or red icon present above it. Always go to an area which is green in color and avoid the red color area.

You need to venture on pine forest for pine logs which will be used to build a house. Always look for boxes present in the middle of the forest, it will contain many items which you can use in your game.

Remember, always take a weapon with you, as every time you venture in any of the forests, you will be attacked by computer control human. Just run if you see one is going to attack you.

Tip 7 # Make Rain Catcher for an unlimited supply of water

You need to make rain catcher for an unlimited supply of water. Invest all your resource and points to learn rain catcher. If you ask one important thing which will help you in your endeavor to survive last day on earth, then we recommend you to make rain catcher. It will solve your problem for water permanently.

Tip 8 # look for Game Gifts

You should venture other player base and military base for gifts. You will get many items which can be used to build a motorcycle and other items such as communication devices.

There are many military bases in the game some of them are

  • Alpha base
  • Bravo base
  • Charlie base

If you venture in any of these bases, then you will find these items in those bases

  • Water bottles
  • Guns and Ammunition
  • Military suits and combos
  • Food Cans

Tip 9 # use Guns judicially

Gun is your main weapon, and you must use it judicially, do not use it unnecessary as it is very difficult to get gun in the game. Always use a gun when you are raiding military bases or other player bases. You can use this for when you are going with raiding party.

Tip 10 # Always use the auto mode ON

Whenever you are going to raid other player base or pine forest, always go into auto mode on. Keep all your items such as hatchet and pickaxe in your bag pack. When you click on auto mode on, your character will automatically change items to cut woods or break limestone.

Final words

We hope that you find these 10 Tips for Last Day on Earth Survival Cheats useful for your endeavors in the journey.